Green Tree Frog

A green tree frog was crawling up my window so I abducted him and took some photos. Shot using an SB600 fired into a 28in Westcott Apollo.

Poor little frog!

Here’s the shot:


The shot was taken with my 50mm 1.8 lens.

This is widely recognised as a fantastic lens and for under $200, it’s almost a crime not to get one. I’ve been a bit lazy with using it though because it hasn’t got auto focus… but it’s a sharp lens when you get it right. So when this photo showed up on the cameras LCD I knew I was onto a winner.

Once into photoshop all I had to do was remove some dust that was on the reflective surface (my guitar!) and then I ran it through a new program/photoshop plugin I’ve installed – Nik Sharpener.

This is WOW. I thought my photo was sharp… the before and after with the Nik Sharpener blew me out of the water.

I’ll put a comparison here later today.

Try it for 15 days free HERE.

If you like it, shop around and make sure to take into account the coupon on offer from HDR Photographer, Trey Ratcliff’s website you can get from HERE.

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